Warriors tame Jaguars in Jungle Romp

A bleak and dreary night was lit up in spectacular fashion, as a resurgent Windsor Warriors team sacrificed the Aztecs to the Gods of Basketball at the temple of Crowthorne.

Captain Marc Harris called for a strong performance from the squad with a new-found depth. (me). Coming of a two loss streak it was important to lay down a marker as opposed to laying down.

Leading from the front Harris displayed this drive with a three bucket salvo in the initial exchanges. The Jaguars were unable to deal with his movement and incisive runs.

With meaty support from Ricky Schwarma the Warriors were able to stroll into an 11-1 lead. The Don Cartegena fresh from New York (where the streets will inspire you like the streets in Hounslow do)also chipped in with strong play.

Then suddenly – and without warning, the Columbian scoring machine Sandro flipped the Latino salsa switch on his automatic shooting arm and dropped in a further 11 points to close out the quarter. His leave to remain visa may now be extended by a further 6 months in light of this display.

The second quarter saw the debut of Harvey a previously unknown entity given the number 52 clearly in homage to the B52, large and known to drop bombs at will – at least on the court anyway.

King chipped in with a cheeky six points in this quarter combing well with Ollie in a mini version of Stockon and Malone. There was also a dubious foul called on a leaping Cod in this period reminiscent of one of Manute Bols gazillion blocks. The G Man also got involved in this quarter with a signature drive.

The shootfest with Sharma and Mosquera continued in the latter half of the game, the two combining to create an alleged 45 points between them, with the support from Budge and Joe the good natured basket festival ended with the scores 89 -52.

This was a victory that left a warm feeling in my chest as I drove home through the dark bowels of Crowthorne. Then I realised that I had just turned the heating up too high in my car.

That is all.

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