Committee & Team Ethos

Below are the People within the committee and the responsibilities they have.

Founder: Steven Cooper
The guy who started the Team back in 1994, now living stateside.

Chairman (Management Committee): Joe Edwards
Responsible for: Disciplinaries, Money Matters, Committee Meetings & AGM, Fundraising, League Meetings, Marketing, Player Aquisition, Kit

Vice Chairman(Management Committee): Mark Budge
Responsible for: Backing the Chairman in all his responsibilities

Treasurer(Management Committee): Eduardo Sabas
Responsible for: All finance, ensuring players are paying, making payments for courts, refs, monthly update of ingoings and outgoings

General Secretary (Management Committee): Ben Rodgers
Player and team registrations, Table Rota, AGM Minutes

Team Secretary: Malcolm Guard
Ensuring Refs and Teams are Coordinated, confirmation of fixtures and rearrange games, managing Teamer (Team organisation tool/app)

Captains: Mike Bratt (1st Team) -Malcolm Guard (2nd Team)
Pay Refs (and claim back from Treasurer), Player Selection, Email Team (Games, Kit Colours, Directions, Venues, Dates, Times), Run the bench and timeouts in absence of a coach or delegate.

Vice Capt: Malcolm Guard (1st Team) – Sam Allenye (2nd Team)
Send off the game sheet to the league, Support Captain, Take over Captain’s role if not present

Social Secretary: Sam Eveleigh
Social Events

Player Coaches: Samir Chouki & Malcolm Guard
Running training sessions, defining plays, leading the timeouts

Youth Coaches: Joe Edwards, Pete Robb & Malcolm Guard
Managing the youth teams

Overall Ethos:
Please read the Code of Conduct

Team Ethos: 1st Team
1st Priority = Win, Win, Win
2nd Priority = Win, Win, Win

Team Ethos: 2nd Team
1st Priority = Ensure player minutes are spread evenly as possible so everyone participates
2nd Priority = Win, Win, Win